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Love, Sex, & Men:

What Every Girl Should Know


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Love, Sex, & Men:

What Every Girl Should Know

Weight Loss:  What’s Stopping You?

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AMA Recognizes Obesity as a Disease (2013)

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By Donna R. Turner, MPH, CHES

What’s Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Since the 1970’s, obesity rates have doubled.  Today one-third of all children in the United States are obese, and this ratio doubles in adults.  A person is obese when her body weight is approximately 20% higher than normal.  A body max index of 25 to 29 is overweight, while 30 is obese*.






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* (7/12/17) I was obese for years.  Diet and exercise, pills, starvation; nothing worked for me. I had other issues that were being overlooked. Now, I’ve dropped 35 pounds so far, and I’m still losing.  If diet and exercise doesn’t work for you either, then you may have some of the same issues that I did. Read:  How to Lose Weight When You Can’t, for some possible solutions.

Love, Sex, & Men:

What Every Girl Should Know

Love, Sex, &  Men: What Every Girl Should Know